Private Pay MBA  

The definitive course teaching you how to start an OT private pay practice to serve clients more fully, reclaim your time, and finally get the pay and recognition you deserve

I’ve invested the last 12 months working with your fellow OTs…

  • OTs who’ve struggled to get ahead in their careers. No matter how many years of schooling they’ve finished, how many hours of hands-on training they’ve had, or how long they’ve been practicing...
  • OTs tired of wasting precious time and energy fighting for their clients… 
  • OTs who despite the temporary setbacks, keep reinventing themselves and are 100% motivated to do occupational therapy the way it was intended.

The result? 

An easy-to-follow, ground-up course (Private Pay MBA) that gives you a crystal clear roadmap for planning, building, and growing a private pay practice that clients will happily pay up-front for. 

If you want freedom (time, energy, and how you treat) then sign up for the waitlist today


About Me

Hi, I’m Lindsey Vestal.

I’m the founder of The Functional Pelvis, the first in-home pelvic health practice in New York City run by an Occupational Therapist. 

I built my business from nothing.

I’ve scheduled my work around my life (instead of the other way around) and grown it into the thriving, profitable practice it is today.

Along the way I’ve helped thousands of private-pay clients get back to living healthier, happier lives...

… and I’ve done it all without ever taking insurance.

- Lindsey Vestal, M.S. OTR/L